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Service by Invitation Only

By Invitation Only

BKW Enterprises provides individual, customized services to select clients based on established relationships. Some of our clients only need one service, others may need something more. At times, we may even provide services outside of our normal scope of business.

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BKW has been creating media for the internet and broadcast television over 20 years. Visit our YouTube Channel to see a wide verity of the work we have done.

Tell Your Story on Santa Cruz TV

Santa Cruz US is produced by BKW Enterprises, a local production company with over 20 years of media production experience. The show will be produced to the standards and quality of a network broadcast show, with each 30 minute episode featuring 3 to 4 professionally produced segments. Each segment will be 6 – 7 minutes in length and will feature each participant’s story. Individuate segments will be available for distribution by each featured organization, without any further compensation.

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